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FOAT® Workshops Level 1-6 

Foundation Training: Levels 1 + 2

Level I FOAT®

The following Level 1 courses are offered in both individual and combined formats:


  • Introduction to Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts

This course provides an introduction to Focusing-oriented expressive arts (FOAT®) including: the history and development of FOAT®; a brief overview and evidence-based research of Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing; overview of expressive arts; introduction to core Focusing and FOAT® concepts: Foundational FOAT® principles; Focusing attitude; felt sense; symbol; felt shift; and the basic FOAT® step—accessing a felt sense and expressing it through the expressive arts.


  • Approaches to Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts

This course provides an overview of the main FOAT® approaches— Basic FOAT® Step, Clearing a Space with the Expressive Arts, Theme-Directed FOAT®, and Working on an Issue.  Gendlin’s Focusing and listening methods on which FOAT® is based is also included.


Level 1 FOAT® Online Video Teleconference Option:

Level 1 FOAT® can be taken as an online video teleconference consisting of the following courses:

  • Introduction to Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts

  • FOAT® Fundamentals and Approaches

  • Theme-Directed FOAT®

  • Clearing a Space with Expressive Arts

  • FOAT® Level 1 Practice and Learning Requirements

Level 2 FOAT®

Level 2 Foundational FOAT® Skills and Practices

Level 2 FOAT® teaches foundational level skills in Focusing, listening and the expressive arts. 


  • FOAT® Foundational Facilitation Skills and Practice
    This course teaches the foundational skills of FOAT® facilitation: basic Focusing skills, listening, FOAT® Basic Step, Clearing a Space with Arts, Theme-Directed FOAT®, and an introduction to “Working on an Issue” (as self-help and as a preliminary to Focusing-Oriented Arts Psychotherapy).


To use FOAT® with others, it is essential to learn the skills and practices from the inside out; therefore Level 2 includes learning FOAT® for yourself and beginning to learn facilitation skills in a partnership with other FOAT® trainees. This inner learning is similar to training in mindfulness and other meditation practices in that FOAT® is more than a technique to apply to others. There are qualities of compassionate presence and being with inner processes that can only be learned and transmitted from the practitioner’s practice and embodiment.


Level 2 FOAT® Online Option:

Level 2 FOAT® can be taken as an online video teleconference consisting of the following courses:

  • FOAT® and Compassionate Listening

  • FOAT® Solo and FOAT® Partner Practice

  • FOAT® Level 2 Practice and Learning Requirements

level 3/4

Intermediate Training: Levels 3 + 4

Intermediate Training: Levels 3 + 4

Level 3 FOAT® 

  • FOAT® Advanced Practice Skills and Supervision
    Level 3 includes the development and competency in presence, Focusing skills, Focusing Attitude, experiential listening, self-guiding, guiding others, the basic methods and three approaches of FOAT®. Participants work in partnerships and trios with FOAT® supervision and feedback for gaining competence.


Level 4 FOAT® 

  • Applications of Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT®)

      Level 4 includes clinical and non-clinical applications to the trainee’s interests (e.g. psychotherapy,

      coaching, body-work, spirituality, etc.). Trainees continue refining competency in Focusing skills,

      presence and the Focusing Attitude, experiential listening, expressive arts, and guiding (self-guiding and

      guiding others) and adapting the processes for areas of interest. Training occurs with supervision and

      feedback as trainees begin applying FOAT® to their areas of interest.

level 5

Advanced Training: Levels 5 + 6

Level 5 FOAT® 

  • Advanced Supervision: FOAT® Training and Supervision

This course provides additional content information and supervision for applying FOAT® in psychotherapy.

educational and community settings (for educators, artists, coaches, spiritual directors, etc.)

Successful completion and competence evaluation lead to Certification as FOAT® Practitioner of Facilitator (granted by FOAT Institute).

Level 6 FOAT®: Train-the Trainer 

This course provides teaches the skills and supervision to train others in Focusing and Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT®). Successful completion and competence evaluation lead to Certification as Focusing Trainer: Specialization in FOAT® (granted by The International Focusing Institute).

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