Certification as FOAT® Practitioner and Facilitator

Granted by the Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute

There are two training tracks: Practitioner and Facilitator.

Completion of course work does not guarantee certification.  Certification is competency-based upon evaluation.

Requirements for Certified FOAT®  Practitioner and Facilitator:

  • Certified FOAT® Practitioner: must have a either 1). Master’s degree in the arts therapy field and/or credentialed by one of the arts therapies professions (ATR, REAT, R-DMT, MT-BC, etc.); or 2). clinical counseling, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, or a related field in mental health with additional 50 hours of expressive arts training.


  • Certified FOAT® Facilitator:  Coaching, consulting, education, artists, body-workers, bachelor’s degree social work, psychology, etc. Must have 50 hours arts training.


I. Training

  1. Successful completion of FOAT® Levels 1-5 or equivalent

  2. Completion, with documentation, of 50 hours training in expressive arts outside of FOAT® (Can be through conferences, courses, from before or during FOAT® training.

  3. To become certified, you need to abide by FOAT® ethics, expressive arts ethics, and ethics in your other studies or trainings (e.g. psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, etc.). 

  4. Readings:  Complete required readings on Focusing and FOAT® as well as additional readings based on your interests.

  5. Other Focusing training resources:  become familiar with various Focusing and expressive arts websites, approaches, videos, DVDs, and/or audiotapes of other Focusing Trainers.  (See resource list).


2. Practice

  • Solo FOAT® (specified in Level 1)

  • Partnership and Trio Practice:  (specified in Levels 2-5).

  • Practicum (50 hours): includes practicum within training group + application outside of training group. Trainee may begin practicum with permission of FOAT® Trainer during any part of training program. Must be in FOAT® supervision with FOAT® Coach or supervisor.


3. Supervision

  • Supervision:  group supervision (15 hours) plus minimum of 2 hours individual supervision with Dr. Laury Rappaport ($125. US).

  • FOAT® Coaching:  FOAT® coaching is with advanced FOAT® Practitioners/Facilitators. Arrangement and hours are dependent on availability. (Hours specified on Levels 1-6).


4. Documentation and Projects Demonstrating Proficiency of FOAT® from training practice

  1. Completion of FOAT® written documentation demonstrating specific Solo FOAT® sessions (specified in Level 1).

  2. Completion of  FOAT® partner and trio sessions with written documentation (specified in Levels 2-5).

  3. Demonstrated competence of “FOAT® Skills and Competencies” (reviewed with Laury in supervision)

  4. Documentation of education and training: submit copy of degree, transcripts, any certifications or licenses you may have.

  5. Documentation of 50 hours of expressive arts training: may be obtained through academic courses, continuing education, workshops, conferences, etc. outside of FOAT® training.


5. Final Evaluation demonstrating FOAT® Competency

  1. Videotaped or live observation of FOAT® session (working on an issue)—no longer than 50 minutes. It does not need to be with a client.  It can be a with a FOAT® partner. We can send you a Zoom link to record the session. Be sure you have permission/consent to show it to the group (see handout).

  2. Summary  (5-8 pages):

  • How has the Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts Training impacted your life personally and professionally? (2-4 pages)

  • How would you describe Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts? (1/2- 1 page)

  • What benefits do you think FOAT® offers?  (1/2-1 page)

  • Do you suggest any cautions in using FOAT® (1/2-1 page)

  • How do you plan to carry FOAT® in your life?

  • Add in anything else that is important for you to share.


6. How to apply for Certification as a FOAT® Practitioner or Facilitator

    After completing the above requirements, please submit:

  1. Review the Checklist for completion of requirements

  2. Be sure you have submitted the documentation for all solo, partner and trio FOAT® practice sessions.

  3. Send the following to: focusingartsoffice@gmail.com

    1. video of FOAT® session

    2. summary paper

    3. degrees, transcripts, certification documents (showing your degree, licenses, credentials, etc.)

    4. documentation of 50 hours of expressive arts training

    5. documentation of ethics course


Trainer Certification

Focusing Trainer: Specialization in Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts

Recommended by Dr. Laury Rappaport, Certifying Focusing Coordinator and Certified by

The International Focusing Institute (www.focusing.org)





1.    Prerequisite:  Certification as FOAT® Practitioner or Certified FOAT® Facilitator with the Focusing and Expressive Arts



2.   Level 6 FOAT®: Train-the Trainer FOAT® for Teaching Focusing and FOAT®


3.   Individual FOAT® Supervision with Dr. Laury Rappaport: minimum of 1 session


3.   Assist with FOAT® Trainings:  Can be video teleconferences and/or in-person.


4.   Design an Introduction to FOAT® Course (or a course related to an in-service or other application that you plan to do).

       a.     Include outline of content; timing; exercises; didactic theory; examples

       b.    Include basic teachings of Focusing and FOAT®


5.     Offer Introductory level FOAT®  class, workshop, or in-service. It doesn’t have to be called “Introduction to Focusing-

         Oriented Expressive Arts but needs to have FOAT® content as part of it.

         a.     provide videotape for Laury’s review. (You will let participants know it is for your own

                 certification as a Focusing Trainer review- that it will not be used for other purposes). Need to have permission and                          signed release forms from participants.

         b.    Provide course evaluations to participants and give to Laury


6.     FOAT® Partnership. Maintain FOAT® Partnership at least 2x month. Can be Focusing, listening, and/or with expressive arts.


7.     You will need to become a Trainee member of The Focusing Institute. The current cost is $35-75.  depending on your country. Please read the following materials about Certification as a Focusing Trainer and visit The Focusing Institute website: click here.


*Certification will occur when the competencies are met and both Coordinator and Trainee are in agreement of readiness. There is a one time fee for certification that is payable to The Focusing Institute plus yearly membership dues.


You may use one of the following titles based on your background and credentials:

o   Certified Focusing Trainer, Certified Focusing Professional, or Focusing-Oriented Therapist with a specialization in Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT®).