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FOAT® Training Program: Costs
2023 - 2026

Partial scholarships and work-study available for each FOAT Level based on financial need. 

Contact for application.

Please note that scholarship reviews will be conducted upon each level's registration opening.

All costs and fees are shown in USD - US Dollar.

Additional Fees

$125. *

Outside Supervision with Focusing and/or expressive arts supervisors from our provided list of professionals who agreed to this fee per session (2 sessions required).  If you choose an independent supervisor, this fee may vary.

Certification Review Fees


Level 4: Review for Certification as a FOAT® Practitioner or FOAT® Facilitator (granted by the Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute).


Level 5: Review for Certification as a Focusing Trainer (Professional or Therapist): Specialization in FOAT® (granted by The International Focusing Institute; click here for additional TIFI membership and Certification fees).

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