History and Development of FOAT®

FOAT® was developed by Dr. Laury Rappaport over a period of 30 years in various contexts—psychotherapy, art/expressive arts therapy, education, coaching, consulting, organizational and community development, health and wellness, meditation, spirituality, creativity, and personal growth.

What does FOAT® stand for?

FOAT® is an umbrella acronym standing for:

  • Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts including both clinical and non-clinical applications. The clinical applications of FOAT® include:  Focusing-oriented art therapy and Focusing-oriented expressive arts therapy;  non-clinical applications are described above in the first paragraph on this page.

What are the benefits of FOAT®?

FOAT® is a self-empowering method that teaches how to access and trust your own inner knowing, access your creativity, and to hear concrete steps that lead in the direction of positive growth and change. It is a practice leading to self-growth, authenticity, healing and transformation.