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Certification as FOAT® Practitioner and Facilitator

Granted by the Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute

There are two training tracks: Practitioner and Facilitator.

Completion of course work does not guarantee certification.  Certification is competency-based upon evaluation.

Requirements for Certified FOAT®  Practitioner and Facilitator:

  • Certified FOAT® Practitioner: Must have either

1. Master’s degree in the arts therapy field and/or credentialed by one of the arts therapies professions (ATR, REAT, R-DMT, MT-BC, etc.)


2. Clinical counseling, psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, or a related field in mental health with additional 50 hours of expressive arts training.


  • Certified FOAT® Facilitator:  Coaching, consulting, education, artists, body-workers, bachelor’s degree social work, psychology, etc. Must have 50 hours arts training.


I.   Training

  • Successful completion of FOAT® Levels 1 - 5 or equivalent.

  • Completion, with documentation, of 50 hours training in expressive arts outside of FOAT® (Can be through conferences, courses, from before or during FOAT® training.

  • To become certified, you need to abide by FOAT® ethics, expressive arts ethics, and ethics in your other studies or trainings (e.g. psychotherapy, counseling, coaching, etc.). 

  • Readings:  Complete required readings on Focusing and FOAT® as well as additional readings based on your interests.

  • Other Focusing training resources:  become familiar with various Focusing and expressive arts websites, approaches, videos, DVDs, and/or audiotapes of other Focusing Trainers.  (See resource list).


2.   Practice

  • Solo FOAT® (specified in Level 1).

  • Partnership and Trio Practice:  (specified in Levels 2 - 5).

  • Practicum (50 hours): Includes practicum within training group + application outside of training group. Trainee may begin practicum with permission of FOAT® Trainer during any part of training program. Must be in FOAT® supervision with FOAT® Coach or Supervisor.


3.   Supervision

  • Supervision:  Group supervision (15 hours) plus minimum of 2 hours individual supervision with Dr. Laury Rappaport ($125. US).

  • FOAT® Coaching:  FOAT® coaching is with advanced FOAT® Practitioners/Facilitators. Arrangement and hours are dependent on availability. (Hours specified on Levels 1 - 6).


4.   Documentation and Projects Demonstrating Proficiency of FOAT® from training practice

  • Completion of FOAT® written documentation demonstrating specific Solo FOAT® sessions (specified in Level 1).

  • Completion of  FOAT® partner and trio sessions with written documentation (specified in Levels 2 - 5).

  • Demonstrated competence of “FOAT® Skills and Competencies” (reviewed with Laury in supervision).

  • Documentation of education and training: submit copy of degree, transcripts, any certifications or licenses you may have.

  • Documentation of 50 hours of expressive arts training: may be obtained through academic courses, continuing education, workshops, conferences, etc. outside of FOAT® training.


5.   Final Evaluation demonstrating FOAT® Competency

  • Videotaped or live observation of FOAT® session (working on an issue) - no longer than 50 minutes. It does not need to be with a client.  It can be a with a FOAT® partner. We can send you a Zoom link to record the session. Be sure you have permission/consent to show it to the group (see handout).

  • Summary  (5 - 8 pages):

    • How has the Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts Training impacted your life personally and professionally? (2 - 4 pages)

    • How would you describe Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts? (½ - 1 page)

    • What benefits do you think FOAT® offers?  (½ - 1 page)

    • Do you suggest any cautions in using FOAT® (½ - 1 page)

    • How do you plan to carry FOAT® in your life?

    • Add in anything else that is important for you to share.


6.   How to apply for Certification as a FOAT® Practitioner or Facilitator

      After completing the above requirements, please:

  • Review the Checklist for completion of requirements

  • Be sure you have submitted the documentation for all solo, partner, and trio FOAT® practice sessions.

  • Send the following to:

    • Video of FOAT® session

    • Summary paper

    • Degrees, transcripts, certification documents (showing your degree, licenses, credentials, etc.)

    • Documentation of 50 hours of expressive arts training

    • Documentation of ethics course


Trainer Certification

Focusing Trainer: Specialization in Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts

Recommended by Dr. Laury Rappaport, Certifying Focusing Coordinator and Certified by

The International Focusing Institute (





1.    Prerequisite:  Certification as FOAT® Practitioner or Certified FOAT® Facilitator with the Focusing and Expressive Arts



2.   Level 6 FOAT®: Train-the Trainer FOAT® for Teaching Focusing and FOAT®


3.   Individual FOAT® Supervision with Dr. Laury Rappaport: Minimum of 1 session.


3.   Assist with FOAT® Trainings:  Can be video teleconferences and/or in-person.


4.   Design an Introduction to FOAT® Course (or a course related to an in-service or other application that you plan to do):

  • Include outline of content, timing, exercises, didactic theory, examples.

  • Include basic teachings of Focusing and FOAT®.


5.   Offer Introductory level FOAT®  class, workshop, or in-service: It doesn’t have to be called “Introduction to Focusing-

         Oriented Expressive Arts" but does need to include FOAT® content.

  • Provide videotape for Laury’s review. (You will let participants know it is for your own certification as a Focusing Trainer review- that it will not be used for other purposes). Need to have permission and signed release forms from participants.

  • Provide course evaluations to participants and give to Laury.


6.   FOAT® Partnership: Maintain FOAT® Partnership at least 2x month. Can be Focusing, listening, and/or with expressive arts.


7.   You will need to become a Trainee member of The Focusing Institute. The current cost is $35-75.  depending on your country. Please read the following materials about Certification as a Focusing Trainer and visit The Focusing Institute website: click here.


*Certification will occur when the competencies are met and both Coordinator and Trainee are in agreement of readiness. There is a one time fee for certification that is payable to The Focusing Institute plus yearly membership dues.


You may use one of the following titles based on your background and credentials:

Certified Focusing Trainer, Certified Focusing Professional, or Focusing-Oriented Therapist with a specialization in Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT®).

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