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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What can I get certified in?

There are two levels of training tracks: Practitioner/Facilitator and Trainer. You must first become a Certified FOAT® Practitioner or FOAT® Facilitator with the Focusing and Expressive Arts (FOAT) Institute.  You may also apply to become a Trainer, which includes becoming (or already being) a Certified Focusing Trainer, Professional, or Focusing-Oriented Therapist (FOT) with the Focusing Institute ( 


Practitioner/Facilitator Level Certifications

This Certification level is achieved after gaining proficiency in advanced practice and is granted by the Focusing and Expressive Arts (FOAT) Institute after meeting specified requirements. 

  • Certified FOAT® Practitioner: Must have a Master’s degree in the arts therapy field and/or credentialed by one of the arts therapies professions (ATR-BC; REAT; R-DMT; MT-BC, etc.); or clinical/counseling psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, or a related field in mental health with additional 50 hours of expressive arts training.

  • Certified FOAT® Facilitator: Bachelor's level social work, psychology, etc.; coaching, consulting, education, body-work, etc.

For more information click here.


2. What will you receive as part of being certified in FOAT®?

  • Connection with the Focusing and Expressive Arts (FOAT) Institute

  • Listing in the Focusing and Expressive Arts (FOAT) Institute directory of certified FOAT® facilitators and practitioners

  • Receipt of all mailings and newsletters

  • To be part of a community to bring FOAT® to others and the world to enhance compassion, creativity, and inner wisdom

  • Eligible to apply for FOAT® Trainer (requirement includes being or becoming Certified Focusing Trainer, Professional or FOT through the Focusing and Expressive Arts (FOAT) Institute or granted by The Focusing Institute.)


3. Do I need to get recertified as a FOAT® Facilitator of Practitioner?

Yes - Every 3 years.  In order to become re-certified, you need to stay actively involved in FOAT® practice.  FOAT® Practice groups will grow both in local communities, at the Focusing and Expressive Arts (FOAT) Institute, and internationally. The recertification is US$125 every 3 years (price subject to change).


4. If I become certified as a FOAT® Facilitator and later meet the FOAT® Practitioner educational requirements, can I change my title to FOAT® Practitioner?

Yes. You must send in application with documentation of your licensure in order to be reviewed to change the title to FOAT® Practitioner.


5. Can I call myself “Expressive Arts Therapist?”

This training certification qualifies you to call yourself "Certified FOAT® Practitioner or Certified FOAT® Facilitator". The FOAT® stands for Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts and is not a training to be a psychotherapist. It is about integrating Focusing and expressive arts and the unique combination into your setting (which can be psychotherapy, social work, education, coaching, wellness, personal growth, arts, etc.). You can only call yourself an "Expressive Arts Therapist" if you have the proper training.


6. What can I call myself:

You may call yourself the following:

  • Certified FOAT® Practitioner: If you are Master’s level psychotherapist with a minimum of 75 hours additional training in the expressive arts.

  • Certified FOAT® Facilitator: For anyone with interest in using Focusing and the expressive arts for personal and/or professional application, such as in education, coaching, body-work, mindfulness and meditation training, spiritual direction, business, leadership, etc.


7. How do I become a Trainer?

You can apply as a Train-the-Trainer to become certified as:

  • Certified Focusing Trainer, Focusing-Oriented Therapist, or Focusing Professional (granted by The Focusing Institute in NY)

You can apply to become a Certified Focusing Trainer, Professional or FOT by training at the Focusing and Expressive

Arts Institute or with any Certifying Coordinator with The Focusing Institute. Training as a FOAT® Practitioner or

Facilitator provides the foundation and leads into training to become Certified Focusing Trainer with The Focusing

Institute ( 


  • Certified FOAT® Psychotherapy Trainer and Certified FOAT® Facilitator Trainer

You must be Certified with The Focusing Institute as a Focusing Trainer, Professional or Focusing-Oriented Therapist in order to become a Certified FOAT® Psychotherapy Trainer or Certified FOAT® Facilitator Trainer with the Focusing and Expressive Arts Institute. If you are already a Certified Focusing Trainer, Professional, or FOT, you may apply to become a Trainer after completion of the FOAT® Practitioner or Facilitator trainings. For more information, click here.

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