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FOAT Applications Proposal
For Advanced Trainees and Certified FOATs: FOAT Connections, Applications, and Vision

October 17, 2021 from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM PDT
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About the Presentations


  • The presentations don’t have to be completely polished (like you would have for a conference). They do need to be organized and planned.

  • Presentations can be didactic, experiential, or a combination of both. 

  • Time frame: Presentations can be any length of time up to 1 hour and 20 minutes. 

Note: Please know that the time frame will most likely be too short for everyone to share in the breakout rooms. It is a taste to start our sharing. If you do something experiential, it would be great to plan a brief amount of time for a couple of people to share. If participants have art, gesture/movement, or sound, then everyone can show it. Or, you may have other creative ideas!

Proposal Submission

Due no later than: September 22, 2021


If you are interested in presenting, please email the following information to in a Word or PDF document:


  • Title of presentation


  • Brief description (100 words or less)


  • Format (check one):   ____ Didactic       ____ Experiential       ____ Both (Didactic and Experiential)


  • Didactic material (if relevant):  Include outline of content with a timing outline for the presentation.  Didactic presentations must include PowerPoint/Keynote or video.


  • Experiential (if relevant):  Describe the FOAT exercise that you would like to present.  Include outline of content with timing of exercise and sharing  for the presentation.  Include the safety/risk level.

  • Brief bio (100 words or less)

We will inform you by October 4th if you will be presenting at the October 17th meeting. If we have more proposals than time slots, we will offer a future date for sharing those applications with each other!

If you have not yet registered to attend the FOAT Connections, Applications, and Vision meeting,

please click the button below to sign up!

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