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FOAT® at The Focusing Institute Summer School

This summer, from August 21-27th, FOAT® was at the acclaimed Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS) in the beautiful Joshua Tree, California!

It was truly heartwarming and deeply nourishing to offer FOAT® within the summer school with my dear colleagues and friends, Ann Weiser Cornell, Nada Lou Petrovic, Rene Veugelers, Soti Grafanaki, and William Hernandez. I offered a major course, "Focusing and Expressive Arts: Doorways to Your Inner Knowing, Healing Wisdom and Creative Spirit" which spanned 6 days.

Together, the 8 participants and I co-created a supportive, healing and nourishing learning atmosphere. I also enjoyed presenting 3 elective courses in the afternoons: "Mindfulness, Focusing and the Expressive Arts, "Creative Connections through Focusing and Expressive Arts", and "Integrating Focusing into Psychotherapy".

The landscape of the desert at Joshua tree added a spacious openness along with a depth of sacred energy supporting our Focusing/FOAT® journey together. It was also special for me to also have time to attend other colleagues' elective workshops, the participants' offerings, and to just be together with the larger Focusing family!

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