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Joan Klagsbrun – A Focusing Approach to Positivity: Focusing on What You Love and What Matters Most

April 4, 2022

We had a wonderful and uplifting time together with Dr. Joan Klagsbrun presenting A Focusing Approach to Positivity: Focusing on What You Love and What Matters Most. She first met Gene Gendlin in 1976 and maintained a close connection with him through his life, as well as with his wife Mary Hendricks-Gendlin. Joan shared stories that brought Gene's inspiring and transformational teachings to life.

Joan then presented the benefits from Positive Psychology and how Focusing offers a way to access the bodily felt sense for savoring the moments, experiencing gratitude, and taking in even the small, little moments of positivity. We learned, “The frequency of positive experiences is more important than the intensity of them.” She taught us about how feeling positive emotions can lead to better creativity, energy, health, and resilience. There were ample opportunities for experiential learning, including a long breakout room session where participants partnered up and took turns leading and listening to each other in an exercise, “Focusing on a Positive Experience.”

A couple highlights from participants:

What did you enjoy most about the event? "Everything- hearing the historical pieces, getting practical information and the focusing exercise!"
"I truly enjoyed the entire event... Joan was lovely, forthright and informative."

About Joan Klagsbrun:

Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D. is a psychologist, a Certifying Coordinator in Focusing, and a Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy Trainer who has been practicing for the past 40 years. Joan also is an Adjunct Professor at Lesley University, where she has taught Focusing and integrates her long-standing interest in the intersection of spirituality and psychology. She also taught for several years at the Focusing Summer School.

Joan has been teaching Focusing to the public and to health care and mental health professionals nationally and internationally for over three decades across six continents. For fourteen years, she served on the Board of the Focusing Institute. Her publications include articles in professional journals and chapters in several books. Her most recent chapter, co-written with Julian Miller, is Acknowledging the Dark and Embracing the Light in the Time of Covid-19, published in Senses of Focusing Volume I in 2021.


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