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Resources: FOAT® Audio

Guided Focusing Exercises CD 

Focusing for Wellbeing: Guided Exercises
by Laury Rappaport, Ph.D., ATR-BC, REAT

This audio CD contains 7-guided Focusing exercises designed to enhance wellbeing. 

Through this CD, you will learn the basic steps of Focusing including:

  • The Focusing Attitude of being friendly and welcoming toward your inner experience.

  • Getting a felt sense—useful for centering, grounding, and accessing the body’s wisdom.

  • Clearing a Space— helps to reduce stress and access an intrinsic state of wellbeing.

  • Focusing steps to work on an issue or make a decision

  • Self-care—listening to what you need, identifying blocks and steps toward implementing self-care.

  • Mindfulness meditation—3 exercises based on the teachings of the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. Focusing exercises follow to capture and ground the meditative state.

  • Healing music by Danya River gently accompanies the guided Focusing instructions in order to promote relaxation and enhance the Focusing process.

  • Creative Arts Application: Suggestions for creative expression.

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Audio Interview about Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy by Serge Prengel, The Focusing Institute: Conversations: February 2009: Laury Rappaport

"Conversations" about Focusing and other topics (such as Focusing and Solution-Oriented Therapy; Focusing and Relational Psychotherapy; Focusing and Dance Therapy, etc.)

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