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Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts

Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts (FOAT®) is a mindfulness-based approach developed by Dr. Laury Rappaport that integrates renowned psychologist and philosopher Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing with the expressive arts.

What's New

Focusing-Oriented Therapy Conference 2023:

The Fresh Urgency of Now and the Transformational Power of Focusing-Oriented Therapy

The International Focusing Institute (TIFI) will be hosting this online conference from November 2 - 5, 2023.

We invite you to join us in following conference sessions:


November 3  •  Conference Session 7

Panel theme: The Urgency of Teaching the Essence of FOT to a New Generation

Featuring Laury Rappaport, Joan Klagsbrun, and more!

November 4  •  Conference Session 12

Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts Therapy (FOAT®): Overview and Demonstration

Presented by Laury Rappaport

Click on the button below for more information and registration

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Focusing and Expressive Arts (FOAT) Institute is to provide excellent training and education in: Focusing-Oriented Expressive Arts and Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy (FOAT®) and related programs in Focusing, expressive arts, and mindfulness.

Applications include clinical, community, organizational, educational, self-growth, and wellbeing.

Please enjoy this free Guided Meditation with FOAT® exercise!

Pebble MeditationDr. Laury Rappaport
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