Clearing a Space is a guided Focusing exercise designed to bring mindful awareness to our experience with a "friendly attitude and to notice the stressors in the way of feeling "All Fine" or at peace, or ok. It is not the stressors from our whole lives but the few things stressing us right now, in the present moment. The Focusing process includes imagining setting the stressors outside of the body to a distance that feels right- such as placing it on a park bench, a shelf, or wrapping it up in a package and setting it down. This helps to create some healthy distance between "you" (or whole self) and the stressor. After setting the stressors aside, you are guided to sense the place within your body/self that is "All Fine" or ok separate from those things." Clearing a Space can be helpful for stress reduction, emotion regulation, and strengthening the connection to place within that is inherently whole and at peace.

Audio MP3: Clearing a Space