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FOAT® Community Gathering, Intentions

and Actions Steps 2021

Date + Time

January 8th, 2021 at 1:00 - 3:00PM PST   (January 9th for Asia)

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During this gathering, we will take some time to become aware of a wish or intention for ourselves and for the world in this coming new year.  Through the healing power of community, heartfelt vision, externalization, and an action step, our intentions are supported to take root and manifest.


We will begin with a Focusing Attunement to ground ourselves, arrive into the present moment and connect with each other through the beauty of stillness and mindful breathing.


We will then take some time to Focus on what we are each wanting to bring into our lives this year… and also something for our world. Using a user-friendly approach, we will then express these intentions through color, lines, shapes, images, writing, gesture or sound. We will then listen within to see if there is a small action step that feels right to take that will water the seeds of our intentions to take root and to manifest.

We will have time for sharing in small groups and in the larger group.


Registration for this event is now closed!


If you have any general event or registration questions, feel free to use our contact page or email us at

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